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A good headshot has to be technically solid, but it's the relationship between photographer and subject that really makes it come alive. With every client, my first priority is to establish a rapport where they feel comfortable to take a few risks, reach into the lens, and show themselves at their best and most honest. 

I don't have a limit on 'looks' or images. It's pretty simple - we shoot until we get what we want. We'll discuss in advance what kind of images, environments, etc. you need and what's worked for you (or hasn't worked) in the past. 

• 2-3 hour session: $350

• minor digital retouching for select images

stylist referrals available


"He takes a mean photo. I had such a blast on this shoot. Thanks Todd Cerveris!" - Rebecca B.


"Thanks for an excellent shoot. I was just cast ... and I definitely want to use one of my new shots for that program!" - Matthew R.


"These are amazing ... I'm so excited to start using these!" - January L.


"Run to Todd Cerveris Photography! The lovely Todd Cerveris will make you feel at ease and like you're just hanging out...he did an amazing job of making me feel confident and excited!" - Juliet B.

Direct upload available at no charge to Reproductions (NYC) for all your printing and retouching needs.