Headshot Session


Headshot Session


• 2-3 hour session

• stylist referrals available

• images made available via DropBox w/in 1-2 days

• minor retouching for final image selections (5-10) provided

• direct upload to Reproductions (NYC) available for additional retouching

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A good headshot has to be technically solid, but it's the relationship between photographer and subject that really makes it come alive. With every client, my first priority is to establish a rapport where they feel comfortable to take a few risks, reach into the lens, and show themselves at their best and most honest. 

I don't have a limit on 'looks' or images. It's pretty simple - we shoot until we get what we want. We'll discuss in advance what kind of images, environments, etc. you need and what's worked for you (or hasn't worked) in the past.